12th Fret Music

Nice music store with some popular brand stuff as well as lesser known (but just as good) stuff.

Andre Maldonado

Good people; a great and diverse selection of guitars, basses, and amps; and some of the highest quality guitar and amp repair work you'll come across. Highest recommendation!

Jack Hourcade

Great selection, nice people and great prices! My go-to music shop!

Caleb Hanson

Very cool place with helpful and nice staff! Definitely going back.

Josiah Wayment

We survived a California wildfire in November and lost our house and everything in it. We stopped in 12th Fret and got a great deal on a vintage acoustic guitar for my husband's bday gift. When the owner learned about our situation he offered our kids a gift too. The kindness of strangers is so touching. We only hope to pay this kindness forward.

Jen W

Telford and sons said the cost to repair my violin would be $200. At 12th fret I spent $20 and left with a working Violin.

Anna Billings

Very Friendly, Very Welcoming store. The employees are very knowledgeable, and the selection and prices are outstanding. They helped get my first guitar to start, and set me up with everything I needed.

Justin Hrabe

The employees were very knowledgeable and helpful, and the prices were incredible. They did a full restring and setup on my new guitar for a fraction of a price that other stores would charge, and they did an amazing job as well. I will definitely be coming back in the future if I need anything else.

Lucas King

Wonderful, local, mom and pop music store. Friendly owners with no-pressure atmosphere. Store is mostly used guitars and amps with some intermediate level new guitars. They also carry some percussion as well as consider trades for current stock.

Ian Mahaney

Amazing shop. Great prices. Friedman, Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, Jackson... You name it any they've probably got it. Absolutely amazing inventory. The owner and employees are very kind and extremely knowledgeable. They don't care if you come in and hang out and play as many guitars as you want. Shop local. Shop here!


Thanks steven for helping me out quick and a fair price. Everyone there was super friendly and welcoming. Will be back again.

miles snyder

I got my very first Electric (a great condition second-hand Epiphone LP with some nicer-than-stock pickups, ~350$) here a few months ago after shopping around the valley for a while. Having gone to five or six different guitar shops Doyle's was the only one that didn't make me feel like a moron for being new to the world of guitar.

I've been back a few times for strings and some other accouterments and I've been treated just as well - and the guy behind the counter even remembered which guitar he sold me.

For those interested in getting started: save yourself some time and make Doyle's your first stop, rather than your last like me.

Conlan Waylan

Unbelievable quality of guitars and service. These guys are top notch and so are the guitars and amps they carry.

Haven't seen a selection like that since I lived in St. Louis 15 years ago. Never had service like that. You have a loyal customer.


Super deals on music gear and the new owners are excellent folks!

robert crist

I have been a touring Musician and recording artist in the punk rock genre for 40+ years...yeah i know i am old...the point is a Shop like 12th Fret is a rare find Boise is lucky to have them. Awesome innovative products, some made by 12th Fret, that makes for a awesome one of a kind store...I have Robert do a Pro set up everytime I get a new guitar...and it is perfect every time...always knowledgeable and helpful they have no elitist attitude like some of the big chains and they have no snobby attitude like a lot of the other eclectic shops..that makes for a great experience every time i love 12th Fret my favorite shop in all 50 states i visited. Just watch out for their watchdog cuz you might get a severe licking...lol

William D

This is a really well run store, with a robust selection of equipment from high-end to used-affordable. Robert, the owner, hooked me up with a used amp, new mics and all of the accessories, perfectly fitting my needs. And there was an adorable puppy running around! It's also a great spot to hang out and try new gear. Professional, experienced, friendly management!

Carrie C

Had a blast playing some of the acoustics they have there especially with the Tonewood amp. Robert's got it goin' good here! If you're a player, need not go anywhere else.

Mark E

Great people, and easily the best selection in Boise. I'd highly recommend to anyone!

Russ W

This is a really well run place! had a good time browsing the goods!

Anthony M

12th Fret is the only person I really feel comfortable taking my equipment to for repairs. He and Kathy are always incredibly kind. 12th Fret always makes sure to explain what needs to be done, and why a certain malfunction may have happened. Whether it's guitar components, amplifiers, or cosmetic repairs, 12th Fret's is the place to go. Not to mention all of the vintage and quirky gear that he has in the shop. I would absolutely recommend this shop to anyone who is looking for repairs, or a new instrument to add to the quiver.

Chris T

I've been doing business with 12th Fret since I discovered them in a little out-of-the-way shop on Broad Street (probably '89-'90?). In all of the years since, they've made it a point to focus on customer service as priority #1. They've stood behind their products and services, and it's obviously worked for all of these years. They are appreciated by first-time new musicians and national professionals alike. They are the first place I recommend to anyone who asks.

Ted M

Friendly, personable, and full of knowledge.
A great place if you want equipment or need to get something fixed.
A great place to just hang out to talk music and hear some great stories.
From the smallest sale to the biggest repair job, 12th Fret treats every customer with the same level of friendliness and respect.

Jeff P

Fantastic service. He had me in an out in a half hour fixing several things on my guitar that had bothered me for a while. He has an awesome collection of amps many of which he's re-engineered or built custom. A very satisfying experience, I'll be back many times.

Ben M

Very friendly people. They helped me fix my guitars input, polished it, and restrung it, for such a good price. Will be back!

Jake H

I am very particular about who even touches my instruments but when it comes to 12th Fret's I have no worries ,I know that any work done will be done correctly and quickly and I HIGHLY recommend their service to anyone who is serious about their instruments and to top that off you couldn't meet a nicer couple anywhere,they have my business for life. Ken Mansfield

Ken M

Friendly owners that truly care about customers, instruments and music. The store is packed with awesome guitars, basses, amps, and more.

Joey J

Wonderful, local, mom and pop music store. Friendly owners with no-pressure atmosphere. Store is mostly used guitars and amps with some intermediate level new guitars. They also carry some percussion as well as consider trades for current stock.

Ian M

Met the new owner Robert today, his son has done great custom work on my guitar amps in the past. The shop looks really great, it's a great blend of new stock, custom stock creations, new old stock, retro and vintage guitars, guitar amps and more! I will definitely be dropping in more often, the customer service was friendly with no pressure. Great experience!!

Brett W

Great deals on new and vintage guitars and equipment. Excellent customer service. They made me feel welcome without hard selling me on anything. And they repair and service all brands at a reasonable price.

Jim R

Have met the new owner, Robert, and I feel like I've made a new friend . He's taken care of a few of my guitars and has done a great job. Upon meeting him one can tell that he loves doing what he's doing. 12th Fret couldn't have made a better choice when he picked Robert for taking over the business.

David M

Robert has done a amazing job with the store. Went in on Saturday and played on some awesome guitars: Taylors, d'angelicos and others. What blew me away was the Tonewood amplifier. Turns your guitar into it's own amplifier. Incredible sounds. Him and his son were also doing repairs while I was there. They got an incredible inventory of all kinds of stringed instruments and amps: Acoustic, electric, bass, ukes, banjos, mandolins and more. If you're a player, this is the place you want to go!

Mark E

Very friendly staff. Good prices. Support your local business and visit 12th Fret. You won't be disappointed.

Daniel N