Get Ready to Play Again

We offer amplifier and guitar repairs in Boise, ID

From wear and tear after years of performing to sudden mishaps, accidents can happen at any time. 12th Fret Music offers instrument and guitar repairs in Boise, ID. Our in-store repair shop will take care of your guitar, amplifier and electronic systems.

We can fix guitar amps, electronic equipment repairs,restring guitars, replace parts and make sure your instrument is working as good as new again. Call 208-343-2320 today to schedule guitar and amplifier repairs in Boise, ID.

We handle all kinds of replacements and repairs

We’ll tackle almost any repair when it comes to musical instruments and equipment. Bring your gear to us for:

  • Electric guitar restringing
  • Acoustic guitar restringing
  • Amp & Guitars Repairs
  • Custom Mods
  • Nylon string guitar restringing
  • Bass guitar restringing
  • Mandolin restringing
  • Banjo restringing
  • Pickup installations
  • Electric guitar wiring work
  • Strap button installations and repairs
  • Electric guitar input jack replacement
  • Bone nut installation or replacement
  • Bone saddle installation or replacement
  • Bone bridge pin installation or replacement
  • Tuning machine replacements
  • Acoustic bridge re-gluing
  • Acoustic bridge replacement
  • Bridge plate replacement
  • String peg hole plugging and resetting
  • Acoustic guitar re-hydrating
  • Tuning key replacement
  • Re-fretting
  • Fret leveling
  • Neck resetting
  • Sharp fret end dressing
  • Crack repairs
  • Headstock repairs