The Zack Quintana Band

The Zack Quintana Band features the young multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Zack Quintana along with some of Boise's finest musicians. Zack's versatility on the guitar allows his band to play to a variety of audiences. Their sound ranges from classic rock to blues and modern progressive rock with some funk, desert and latin grooves! ZQ Band can make you bob your head and shake your booty or just blow you away with musicianship and presence! Zack has been working the Boise scene since the ripe age of 8 years old and at 16 was voted "Boise's Best" top 3 with Curtis Stigers and Built To Spill!

Zack and the band are available for anything from festival and/opening power sets to solo acoustic shows from Zack or 5-6 piece bands ready to entertain for your corporate gig!

Pricing varies based on need and circumstance. $100-$1500

Thomas Paul

A composer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter, Thomas is ecstatic to be a part of beautiful Boise, Idaho. Regarded as one of the region's most versatile, gifted musicians, Paul's output as a bandleader/solo artist, in-demand sideman and session performer covers a wide range of genres. In addition to leading his own band, Paul can be found in New Transit, Tracy Morrison, El Dopamine, Andy Byron Band and a host of other projects, including the Boise Philharmonic Master Chorale. The Idaho Statesman's Michael Deeds wrote "He's been in more Boise bands than any sane musician should, and he plays essentially any instrument with strings or keys plopped in front of him. He's also eccentric. Can music be funky and ominous? Paul's can." His solo albums Yours, Etc... (2005), House On Fire (2009), Goodbye, Waterloo... (2011), Interference (2015) and Singalongs (2016) are available at Downtown Boise's The Record Exchange, as are his side projects. He is also a private music instructor and consultant, and formerly a volunteer DJ Friday mornings on Radio Boise for over 6 years.

PHONE: 208-629-9565


The 504 Plan

The 504 Plan is a guitar and harmonica driven rock project that plays music from the last 5 decades with no particular respect to the original date of the tunes. Your audience will know the songs and appreciate the "tougher-than-the-usual-prom-band" approach to them, as well as appreciating the family-friendly nature of the band. A typical set starts with Sting, careens through time and space with The Doors and Vintage Trouble, bounces off of Chuck Berry, and ultimately lands with Jimmy Eat World somewhere in dance heaven.

If you're looking for something different from the typical top-40 wedding band, you owe it to yourself to check out The 504 Plan. Come see us- we love you.

Available for bars, weddings, festivals, biker rallies, barmitzahs, and anyone else who'll have us. we have a pretty good track record with family friendly city festivals.

Price range: $300 and up.
Contact Tasche at 208 859-8325 or Dale at 208 954-1436, or find our Facebook page under The 504 Plan.

Dave Nudo Band

We're sick and tired of Country music being represented solely by the South.

DAVE NUDO BAND is here to give northwestern country folks a voice!

From amazing top-notch guitars and big drums to kick-ass country rock vocals, killer harmonies and lyrics we can all understand and related to, we give you a #newgenre

Welcome to NCR #northerncountryrock

We like to play concerts in support of our album and merch.

To pay the bills and because it's fun, we play at bars, festivals and private parties. For up to 4 hours of country rock and blues cover tunes and original music.

Price: $400 - $600 depending on how far we travel and what the show is for.

Contact: 208-550-0603

Billy Blues Band featuring Michele Eastland & Becky Blake

The Billy Blues Band was started in February of 2017 to entertain with classic blues, blues rock and soul at parties, weddings, festivals and shows in the Boise, Idaho area. Players have changed over the months since then, now with a refined group of talented musicians. The band features vocalists Michele Eastland and Becky Blake who blast out their songs and control the stage with their energy. Both Michele and Becky are professional singers and actresses, which accounts for their dynamic stage presence. Lead guitarist, Dana DeVice, plays with the soul of a blues master with his heart felt riffs. The band organizer-manager, vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Billy Arnold promotes a new generation of blues rock, along with the classics in both blues and soul. The blues band also includes screaming Alto and Baritone Sax player, John Crank with solid rhythms by Bass Player, Terry Jones and Drummer, Brian Sweet. The newest member of the band, our keyboard player Jack Hale, also has his own band playing swing music from the 19-20's t0 1940'. Book us if you love listening and dancing to high energy blues mixed with a little soul and rock!

Michele Eastland is an academically educated and professionally trained musician who has performed individually, in national choirs, and in other bands over the years. She continues to perform individually, most recently in Lance Lupinsky’s 1950’s show in Boise, singing as one of the Supremes in the Polka Dot Angels trio. Becky Blake was an actress and professional singer prior to relocating to the Boise Area several years ago, and now also performs with her husband as a popular duet at local venues. I started playing many years ago and was a founding member of a popular 1990’s-era local band in South Texas called “Los Blues Guys.” After a hiatus of several years, which were devoted to my profession as a practicing Psychologist and a university professor, I re-entered music about ten years ago. In early 2017 I began working to develop, organize, and manage the Billy Blues Band featuring Michele Eastland and Becky Blake. Dana DeVice, our lead guitarist, had played for many years in the Denver, Colorado, area in his own band. He relocated to Idaho in 2017 as a software engineer and was immediately (and successfully!) recruited by the Billy Blues Band. John Paul Crank has played alto and baritone sax for many years and took his own hiatus from music while a university professor of criminology in Nebraska prior to relocating to Idaho. He was playing in a local Boise band prior to devoting his full-time energies to the Billy Blues Band. Brian Sweet, our drummer, also played in local bands for many years, and owns a local custom cabinet and carpentry business. Terry Jones, the bass player, has also been playing for years, and is an engineer by trade. Jack Hale, the keyboard player, is the newest member of the Band, and is best known for his own swing band, playing tunes from the 1920’s to the 1940’s, as well as the blues with our Band.

Types of Gigs/Events: Upscale clubs, Private parties, Weddings, Concerts and Festivals located in the general Boise area (No Touring)

Price Range: Negotiable

Contact: Billy Arnol